Friday, December 07, 2012

aw crap

I had the meeting this afternoon to discuss the Snowflake student I am to have this spring.

Without going into too much identifying detail, it's grim. It's very, very grim. I will probably wind up playing unpaid/unqualified counselor for someone who likes to buttonhole people during their office hours and complain. I will likely get all kinds of nutso TMI, and if I tell the person to step off, I will be branded a Bad Person in their mind.

And I was essentially told to, how was it put? "This student has one semester left. Don't screw it up so they make the rest of our lives miserable." I guess they've already decided my happiness is to be sacrificed next semester, and the best they can hope for is that the student's bitterness and anger won't spill over into their lives too much.

Once again, I ask: why can't, or why won't, college campuses man up a little and tell students who drive their fellow students and professors to distraction, "GTFO."

I suppose this is an unintended consequence of "college for all."

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Kate P said...

We have a lot more "special" students this year than in years past--I got slammed by an administrator after one of the meetings because apparently my question was mistaken for negativity (image is the most important thing). They don't understand we have the rest of the class to attend to, either. It's really making me reconsider what I'm doing and where I'm working.