Monday, December 17, 2012

You know what?

I don't generally agree with The Onion on much, but this story (language, but I suppose I need not say that, seeing as it's the Onion) kind of sums it up.

Everything's broken. I don't think there's anything that will fix it. Not new laws, not armed guards, not suspending Freedom of Speech of the second amendment. There will be people who want to do harm to others and they will find away, no matter how much the law-abiding people are punished.

We can lock everyone who displays slightly abnormal behavior in a "home." We can take away the guns of the (law abiding) citizens who have them. We can put cameras every damn where and require strip searches to enter a public building. And someone will still find a way to hurt people.

I'm also kind of done with social media, with all the people preaching gun control/mental health awareness/more money to schools for stuff like metal detectors and other proto-prisonlike things/people saying "why are guns a right when marriage isn't a right for everyone" (SO not the time, friend, SO not the time)/etc., etc. 

So I'm saying, "Screw you guys, I'm goin' home."

Yeah, tomorrow I leave for Christmas break to see my family. Damn but I'm glad to be going.

I also came in this morning to about seven grade-grubbing e-mails from my non majors class. THIS is why faculty hate teaching the gen ed classes. People who don't bother to hand in all the work and then are MORTALLY OFFENDED that they earned a C. People demanding I recalculate their grade, which I am going to do right now.

But you know what? Like the Onion said. F it. F it all to hell. It doesn't MATTER. It doesn't MATTER that someone got a C and not a B.

(And okay: I did recalculate the grades. In two or three cases yes, I did make a mistake and the grade was higher. I fixed that and let the person know if they asked. But in the cases of the MOST MORTALLY OFFENDED people, their grade did not change. Look. You passed the class. Based on your attendance and participation, maybe you should not have. So please stop calling me.)

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