Monday, December 10, 2012


Apparently because it's now legal to smoke pot in Colorado, a couple CU students decided it would be funny to bring pot-laced brownies to class.

Okay. If they wanted to do them for a party or something, and let people know, "hey, these are pot brownies," that would be OK. I wouldn't be at that party, or if offered a "special" brownie, I'd turn it down.

But the idea of dosing people without their knowledge or consent is terrible. For one thing: you never know how people will react to something like this. Pot contains proteins and like anything else, there is the rare but real possibility someone could have a massive allergy attack to it. I mean, we now require people to do things like label cookies if they contain nuts.

But even beyond that - impairing people, without their knowledge? That's really stupid. What if one of the students who ate a brownie was pregnant or breast-feeding? What if one of them had a job where they had to regularly get drug-tested? What if someone got behind the wheel of a car, not fully realizing they were impaired?

Even beyond that, the idea - and this is a staple of many sophomoric movies and sitcom episodes - of "let's get the person in a position of authority (the professor) high, it will be funny to take away their dignity in that way"- is an idea I find appalling.

Just because it's funny when you see it on Comedy Central doesn't mean it's a good idea in real life. I would dare say that anything you see on Comedy Central is probably an example of a bad idea in real life.

It shows a huge lack of respect of their fellow students and the professor for the students to do this. To cause people to have bad reactions, to possibly put lives in jeopardy (it doesn't look like any were, but that could be a possibility) for a laugh? Stupid, stupid, stupid. It shows a real lack of judgment and I agree that the students should face severe sanctions - they should, at a minimum, be charge with assault of everyone who consumed the brownies, and probably should be booted from the school as well.

If I worked in the department where these clowns were majoring? My first reaction would be, "Don't come to me for a recommendation for a job or graduate school."

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