Friday, December 07, 2012

Stupid dreams

I hope it's just semesters-end stress and not that I'm developing some reaction to the (many, now) medications I'm taking (meds for hypertension, new prescription meds for an ongoing allergy issue). But I'm having weird dreams.

Just weird. Not "sex" weird, which is apparently the drug companies' meaning when they say "vivid" dreams. Just weird. Lots of crap crammed in them and I'm tired when I wake.

Two recent memorable ones:

- For some reason, the Democratic party had cloned Abraham Lincoln and was trying to get him to run on their ticket. And one of their big platform planks was that they wanted to strictly regulate the diet of every American. I believe there were posters that said something like Lincoln Wants You To Stop Eating Sugar! And I remember seeing it, snorting, and saying "Lincoln CHAFEE, maybe. But not the 'real' Lincoln."

- Last night I had a dream that Condi Rice had moved to my town and that I was going to be introduced to her. I was excited about this - how cool is it to meet someone like that - until the person who was going to introduce us told me, "I took the liberty of telling her you play the piano and she wants to hear you play" and I started to freak out, because (in real life)she is an accomplished pianist (I believe she first majored in piano performance, when she was in college, before changing majors) and I am not that accomplished - plus I also get terrible stage fright.

I woke up just as she was walking across the lawn, her right hand extended - so I never "met" her, but also neither did I have to try to play the piano for her.

I know some people complain they never remember their dreams but frankly there are times I would happily trade remembering mine for just being able to sleep peacefully. (It's been very humid here in recent days; that could be what is affecting my sleep. I tolerate humidity badly - that is actually part of the reason for me being on the rx antihistamine)

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