Monday, June 15, 2009

Aw crap

I'm having a low-interaction day. Or whatever you want to call it: a day when all the stuff you say seems to be misunderstood (which I assume is my own fault. Maybe it's a Communication Challenged day for me). I'm just not doing well.

It's because it's so damn hot. I didn't sleep hardly at all last night. I can't turn the AC any lower; it's an old system and I'm praying it will make it through the summer as it is (yeah, yeah, Spider, I know: I should have bought a new one over the winter. Though when the guys came and checked it out, they said it was all good, but it seems like it was running an awful lot all weekend).

So I'm tired, in that weird insomnia-mode where time seems to drag by, kind of weepy, and my appetite has gone AWOL. I ate almost nothing yesterday because I was not hungry at all, and nothing appealed to me.

I really freaking hope nothing goes bad today, no one tries to argue with me in class about something, whatever. Because I am THIS close to tears and I do not want to be pushed over the edge.

F***ing hot weather - I hate it SO much.


Kate P said...

That sucks! Hope you can lie low as much as possible.

Mr. Bingley said...

The flip-side of your weather is our weather: it rains every single day.

Every day.

Bath towels never dry. Condensation rings from last night's white wine glass will last on the table for days. My backyard looks like the set for "Apocalypse Now." The Home Depot is sold out of gopher wood.