Friday, June 19, 2009

things this week that can fornicate. (to keep to both my rule of not using the "big one" on this blog, and also not ending a sentence with a preposition.)

...the neighbor's dog which WILL NOT STOP BARKING
...the heat
...the humidity
...the high pressure and lack of wind which traps every stink close to the ground. I live about four blocks from a Dairy Queen/Brazier and I can smell their grill. And it's not good.
...people who think that carrying on a 24/7 conversation with their Significant Other is more important than everything else
...people who are just rude to other people.
...the fact that none of the people I normally use as sounding boards, who normally act as cheering sections/balance-restorers for me are around this week. Summer is very lonely on a college campus.
...knowing information but not being able to share it with other people because you're afraid it might somehow come back to hurt you. So you have to sit and listen to people repeat unfounded rumors and all you can say is, "Well, it's not QUITE like that" but not being able to say any more.
...all the things the Administration is talking about doing
...the Press Secretary for commenting last night, "We won the election. So if you disagree with what we're doing, STFU. WE. WON."
...all the people in the news media who fawn over the president, to the point where they're moving from news-reporting into editorializing.
...all the paranoia I am holding about the future, and about how I may find my paycheck being sucked away even more by taxes and my freedoms being abridged even more.
...the fact that there are people out there who hate me simply because I'm larger than they are and don't share their disordered view of eating.
...spinach salad. It's the only thing I feel like eating these days but I'm also sick of it.
...the wasps that have invaded my classroom building
...people who drive loud diesel duallies and then gun the engine while they're waiting at a stop street late at night.
...people who have apparently selected the "a-hole option" when they bought their cars.
...people who kill their own kids. (There's a story a few cities over about a couple of s***stains who apparently got tired of having to care for a baby, so they killed it.)
...the Al Qaeda members who are thinking about strapping explosives to horses and using them as suicide bombers. It's bad enough they're seeking to kill innocent people with their bombs, now they're going to make horses do it for them. Talk about cowardly.

So, pretty much the whole entire world can FTFO at the end of this week. I think what I need to do this weekend is not watch any news, perhaps not even watch any television, and work on projects.

I saw the last part of "Citizen Kane" the other night, and was struck by this line: "He was disappointed in the world, so he made his own."

Sometimes I wish I had enough money and was arrogant enough to do that. I'd love to tell the rest of the world to go hang and go do whatever I wanted. And it's definitely because of disappointment, though perhaps not the same sort of disappointment Kane felt; my disappointment is more along the lines of "people COULD be better than they are; why aren't they?"


The Fifth String said...

There is nothing wrong with ending a sentence with a preposition (nor with splitting an infinitive, for that matter).

Other than that, I second the entire list.

Dave R. said...

I'm old-school, Fifth. (I'm also, I suppose, old.) Yes, there is.

But thank you for deciding to really second the list that Ricki worked at. I third it!