Sunday, June 07, 2009

cosmic joke

Don't ever let anyone tell you God does not have a sense of humor.

Today was Bring-a-Friend Sunday at church; they had a brunch afterwards. (There's a big push to try to grow the church right now; we are trying to get a new minister and I think they're worried that we're not big enough as we are to support one).

One of my friends at church is a lady who's been the police chaplain for years. (So long, in fact, that most everyone only knows her as "Chappy")

So I saw her, and there was a seat left next to her, so I sat there to eat.

And she introduced me to the "friend" she brought - a young man who is new to the force. And his girlfriend.

And do you know who that might be?

None other than my plagiarist.

I tried VERY hard to be friendly, to not be uncomfortable, to smile, all that good stuff, to make it clear that it was behind me...but I have to admit, it really isn't, and I was kind of uncomfortable. (And she's probably coming to the women's league meeting tomorrow night. Well, at least I'll be prepared for that...part of the discomfort was that I was caught by surprise).

Walking out after the brunch, as soon as I was alone, I kind of looked heavenward and muttered, "I hope You got a good laugh out of that one."


Kate P said...

That made me shout, "No way!" and LOL. Cosmic irony to the extreme.

nightfly said...

Our Lord does all things for each. I daresay she walked away from that saying, "OK, God, OK! I get the hint! I'll be good from now on."