Friday, June 26, 2009

I can has! storm door.

Yeah, the installers showed up early this morning (45 minutes earlier than they originally told me; luckily I was already up and dressed but had not eaten brekky yet). It was the same couple that installed an appliance for me last winter so I knew they were good. They took great care to do it right, leveling the door in the poor old settled-foundation doorway.

There were a few loud moments - they had to drill out for the lock set (apparently these things come with a couple options. I took the standard key-lock. There is a newer, push-button thing, but it calls for batteries, and I can just see the batteries expiring while I'm gone on vacation and then I can't get back into my house).

I sat and graded this week's papers (and NO PLAGIARIZED LABS, yay) while they worked.

When they got done and had me sign the paperwork, the woman gave me a list of the other things they do.

WINDOWS! They install new windows! So there are people I trust - that would not freak me out to have inside my house (that's a big issue with me) could come and do windows. She said it might take as much as 2 days once everything was ordered.

(It's kind of a pity I made my travel plans already; I might decide to change my train tickets so I come back a little earlier, if I can - and then try to schedule new windows for those couple days before classes start. Or failing that, I have a brief "fall break" in October when it would actually be cooler and would probably be nicer for them to be working).

But anyway. It makes me happy because I had kind of given up on getting new windows, having visions of creepy guys with straggly hair telling my I have pretty teeth or something while they worked. (We have some very odd workmen around here.)

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Kate P said...

Workmen on time (early, even) and non-creepy? Those are gems. Happy new storm door!