Tuesday, September 29, 2009

get out the snow shovels...

....If I'm dealing with so many Special Snowflakes right now, why isn't it closer to Christmas?

Seriously. Now I'm not just a professor. I'm a Den Mother, a Tech Support person, a Mother Confessor, a cop, and a diagnostician. ("I am not a medical doctor. Please do not tell me your symptoms. We have free campus health services with a nurse and doctor who do know what they are talking about and who will not incur any risk of malpractice by helping you")

I had a homework due today. Seriously, what makes it so HARD? What makes people's printers break, make them forget things, make them have issues. It's like everyone has a collective brain shutdown when something's due. And it's somehow, vaguely, MY fault. I can see now why one of my colleagues stopped assigning papers altogether.

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