Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And it's done

No, it wasn't the "confront" meeting, it was the "decide what the hell we are going to do" meeting.

Turns out the person in question has been a much bigger problem than I was aware of. Apparently they have driven away a couple of potential majors - good students, too - because of their horrible attitude. And the person who brought this forward is someone who doesn't teach the class in question, who has no skin in the game, so to speak.

We came to a decision, it's not going to be a happy one. Suffice it to say I may choose to be absent from campus (if I can) at the time the person is told of the decision. This is someone with a somewhat difficult temperament.

I'm sad and I'm sorry it worked out this way, but after seeing some of the documented incidents I'm kind of gobsmacked that a person would think they could operate in the way this person is. This person was also told that what they were doing was not up to standards and they apparently never listened.

I guess I worry TOO much about doing a "good job," this is apparently a person who doesn't worry at all.

We have a few months before we do anything final.

This is also the person I complained about complaining how the students didn't "respect" them. I don't know. I know I have a few students who don't respect me but I know I also have some that do. You earn the respect you get by treating people with kindness (and firmness, if necessary) and helping them. (And not talking smack about other students or faculty).

I don't know. This just makes me tired and sad and apprehensive, but I think we did make the right decision here.

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