Thursday, October 28, 2010

My suspicions, confirmed.

(First off: thanks, Dave. She didn't mention a timeframe so she might have been referring to 2014, if nothing changes. And HH: I suppose I COULD buy my own health insurance but as I'm a fatty fat fat with a family history of cancer, I'm not sure I'd happily emotionally deal with all the questions and the "you know, if you lost 20 pounds you'd save $5 a month on your premiums" and all that. And I know someone who had a very hard time getting individual insurance because she was "too fat," and she was slimmer than I was.)

I have a cheater in my gen bio class. Gave an exam today. All of this person's multiple choice answers are the answers for the other form of the test, which her next-seat neighbor had.

I can't quite understand how she's copying. I watch her. I don't see her looking at the other person's paper.

It frustrates me.

I suppose the upside is she's failed the test.

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Kate P said...

That's a shame about the cheating. Is that your only section of gen bio? (Meaning is there someone in a section ahead of that one who could transmit answers for a later section?)