Saturday, June 04, 2011

It's gonna be weird.

Not teaching this summer, I mean. I've taught every year I've been employed up to now. I decided to take the summer off because I have a large research project (well, two, really, but one is already underway) that I want to work on. If things go well I should be able to complete the data collection this summer.

But it's strange not to be worrying about the academic calendar. Not having to have syllabi made up. Not be gearing up for classes to start on Monday.

It's nice, though. I will be able to schedule time to go grocery shopping that is NOT the 4 pm rush, where there are frazzled people coming home from work, screaming kids fresh out of daycare, everyone tired...(I made the mistake of going to the local wal-mart on the 1st of the month. Even though it was 1 pm and I figured the "rush" would be over (and the afternoon rush not yet started). I hate to say it but there were an awful lot of people in the store that day who don't really know how to act in public - a couple in a screaming fight with each other, a small child running up and down the aisles unattended, people parking their carts diagonally in an aisle to talk with a friend (meaning no one can get through the aisle without asking them to move), people pushing, people arguing with the cashiers over "what do you mean that coupon has expired?" all that kind of stuff. Makes me hate humanity.)

I have decided I can't let this summer slip away too much - first, the aforementioned research will be starting up at 8 am Monday. And second, I'm going to revamp some of my class stuff for the fall. It's a lot easier and more appealing to do that when you are not in the thick of classes.

I have, however, also decided I am NOT going to work Saturdays this summer unless it is a rare case (like, the fieldwork gets rained out during the week). I push awfully hard during the regular semester and I think I do burn myself out a little bit, based on how tired and running-out-of-patience I am by the end of the semester.

I have a bunch of long-term craft projects (some embroidery, a quilt) that I really want to get done - so that's also going to be part of my summer. And working in the garden - my garden really got overrun last summer when I was teaching an overload and dealing with two research students who turned out really NOT to like each other. ("You don't have to like each other but please refrain from talking smack about the other person to me.")

But it is going to be strange to be unmoored from a strict schedule.

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Justlittlecajunme said...

I guess wal-mart is like that everywhere! Enjoy your summer!