Friday, June 17, 2011

Now I feel kind of dumb.

The meeting I was so freaked out about, where I speculated that I had done something "wrong" in the eyes of the dean without my fully realizing it?

It was actually a meeting to find out who I'd nominate as the next department chair. The dean is meeting with everyone in my department. However, my last name is near the front of the alphabet so I was the first person called in.

Yeah. Duh. But I'm relieved it was nothing bad. I just wish I hadn't wasted several days worrying about it.


Kate P said...


(IMHO it was perfectly normal of you to be a little apprehensive.) I hope you get someone good for the department chair.

Jill said...

FWIW - I get mildly annoyed when I ask to talk to one of my employees in my office and they assume they are in trouble. It's rare that I meet with someone for that reason, and I don't want to be perceived as an ogre. Those who get that worried look in their eye when I make the request are often the least likely to have done something wrong.

I'm glad your meeting was better than expected.