Saturday, June 25, 2011

News stories I am tired of.

1. The Casey Anthony trial. Look, it's horrible, it's unfortunate, it's sad. If she killed her daughter she should go away for a long, long time. BUT I DO NOT NEED TO HEAR UPDATES EVERY FIFTEEN FRICKING MINUTES. This is like the dang OJ trial all over again. I don't know why the news takes something like this and pleasures themselves over it for so much time, when there are real actual problems that many if not all Americans will have to deal with. The Anthony trial affects me not at all. The fact that our economy might blow up will affect me enormously.

2. Stories about how the price of everything is going up. I KNOW they are. I go grocery shopping. I've watched with alarm as the bill for the things I usually buy has crept up by about 25% or a third over what it was last year. Hearing about how pasta and coffee and chocolate and God knows what else is going to become more expensive just begins to take on a tone of "take all our comforts away from us, why don't you." I could survive on dry beans and cornmeal like the Ingalls family did, but I really don't want to have to try.

One thing I've noticed that's not much talked about: cotton. Quilt fabrics now sometimes top $10 a yard. I remember when $6 a yard was considered a high price. That would make me more sad if I didn't have tons of fabric ahead that I had bought over the years and now am slowly trying to use up.

3. Angry chanting people who are upset because their entitlements are going away. Because it will be a lot worse if the country goes broke. It will be a lot worse if everyone's taxes have to go way up. I guess there really are people who don't understand that "government money" is actually money that came through the hard work of the populace.

And I really, really don't want to see us be like Greece. Or heck, like Vancouver after the hockey team lost. I don't want to see cars burning on American streets but I'm afraid it's coming.

I suspect this is going to be a summer of me WATCHING very little news but trying to find reliable sources I can READ news from. Somehow I find printed words on a page (or a screen) easier to take than a talking head and video.

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Kate P said...

1. Um, yeah. My mom is a total trial junkie (watched the Iran-Contra hearings on a tiny TV in the rectory office where she was a secretary) and I don't know how, especially as a mom, she could take hearing all the descriptions and seeing the photos. Yet, there she is, yelling at the lawyers and the witnesses.

2. There probably are some people who still don't pay attention to how much they're spending and they need those news items. Too bad you and I aren't those people. But that is interesting to know about cotton and fabric--it used to be that you saved money making things instead of buying them, but nowadays I'm not so sure.

3. Do not come to Pennsylvania. Lots of angry chanting people. I get the e-mails from the educators' and library associations.