Saturday, June 11, 2011

some little news

Depending on some little news I get next week, this blog may or may not be going away. I've been invited to a meeting with a higher-up and while it's almost certainly nothing related to my online activity, still, now, I'm worried. I don't expect a cease-and-desist, but one never knows. I tried to anonymize as much as possible and be positive as much as possible. I really hope my keeping this blog won't come back to bite me; it's hard for me to tell how much I have to censor my personal life and how much freedom I have. And I still fear that Permanent Record. You know, the Permanent Record that everything you do wrong is supposed to go on when you're in school?

So I don't know. I admit I briefly considered deleting the blog altogether but if the problem is the blog, the damage has been done and deleting it will just be a useless move.

I think (I hope) the meeting is one of two things: a post-mortem of the promotion process (successful for me) of the past year, or a discussion of some of the shake-ups that are happening in my department (for one thing, our chair has decided to step down).

I would hope if a student had filed a complaint or something about me, I'd have heard of it before now, that I wouldn't go in and be totally blindsided by the problem, because it seems that would not be fair. And the fact that the message said the person would "like" to meet with me - not that I need to meet with them - and that a range of dates to meet were given (and not a "you must be in here at this time on this day), I hope that means it's something innocuous.

I don't know. I won't rest easy until the meeting though.

Upon further thought: A lot of the really "bad" things, I think I'd receive some kind of warning letter first. If it were a student complaint against me, I'd think I'd get some prior notification so I could plan a defense (and also, I don't think this particular higher-up would be involved). If it were internet usage stuff...well, I'd think a letter would be sufficient. (Though then again - and here's where my brain defeats me so badly - I'm thinking, "maybe they want to avoid too much of a paper trail."). If it were most bad things, I think my immediate supervisor would be talking to me about it first? Maybe it's nothing bad after all and I will be worrying for nothing.

But golly, it would be nice to be told what the meeting would be about. I'm sure not being told was an oversight/timesaver thing, but it still makes me worry.


Dave E. said...

I would be very surprised if it has anything to do with this blog. First of all, I think you have done a good job of keeping the school and any individuals generic. Secondly, while you have let off some normal steam once in a while, I don't think you have disparaged your employer. Quite the opposite actually, since you are clearly dedicated to giving them and your students what they have paid for.

ccr in MA said...

Hopefully it will be nothing like that, but isn't it true that our brains go there first: I'm in trouble...

Kate P said...

I'm hoping for the best, Ricki.