Thursday, October 08, 2009

Amendments I'd like to see.

I'm no Constitutional scholar, and I realize there's a lot of stuff that shouldn't be amendments, but I can think of two amendments I'd like to see. That I think we need:

1. Congress shall pass no bill less than 72 hours after a final form of the bill has reached the floor. (This is in some DESPERATE hope that people will actually READ the damn bills, or at least have their staff minions read them and summarize them. I fear for what kind of legislation is going through unread).

2. No amendment, rider, or addition shall be made to a bill that is not related to the original purpose of the bill. (No more paperclipping BS stuff onto the back of some bill that's likely to pass. No "stealth" additions...I heard it rumored on some program yesterday that lots of stuff was getting tacked on to bills semi-secretly. I'm sure it's gone on for years but it scares me...we could wind up with all kinds of bad legislation that way).

I don't know. I'm getting really fed up with Congress right now. I'm afraid our next Congress and our next President are going to have a lot of bad messes to clean up. (If we even get people with the will to clean up messes).

I don't want to live under the Victorian boot of a nanny-state, but I'm fearful that's where we're headed. With the new story about "Calorie labeling on menus doesn't seem to be making those fatty fat fatties stop eating their horrible horrible fast food," I fear there will be a push to restrict what can be sold - or who can buy things.

(And I know if it comes, it will be so ****ing hypocritical my head will blow up. Kobe beef and organic-milk fatty cheese from free range cows that get bedtime stories read to them every night will still be sold, but the more "proletarian" forms of fatty food will be verboten. Just like we'll be told to live without air conditioning so the celebs and politicians can jet off whereever they want when ever they want)

I ate a peanut butter cup last night, and thought, "What if this is the last peanut butter cup I ever get to enjoy, because some sweeping "reform" might come under the guise of keeping health-care costs low, that would either ban them or would ban people like me from buying them?" (Hrm. Maybe I could become a peanut butter cup bootlegger and make my fortune that way. But sadly, I have no descendants that could then become the next political dynasty in this country....)

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