Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good thing I'm not a drinking woman (II)

I just received this e-mail.

The subject line was "Hey."

Getting an e-mail from a student titled "Hey" is NEVER a good thing.

The e-mail itself reads (and this is VERBATIM, nothing cleaned up or changed):

"i just thought i would let u know that i do study for ur test. i just realy have hard time with test just dont want u to think im not trying in ur class i really am..."

I am debating whether beating my forehead to a bloody pulp on the edge of my desk would help or not. If I were a drinking woman....well, I'd be standing outside the lone town liquor store waiting for them to open up for the day.

I SHOULD send it back, with a comment that using text-speak on a professor who CLEARLY likes language and uses it well is an insult, and include the old saying about "'Hey' is for horses" but I don't think that would solve anything.

Seriously - WHY IN THE HELL would you send what any adult would regard as an illiterate e-mail claiming that you are actually studying and actually working but do not test well?


Kate P said...

I think being drunk would enhance the reading of that e-mail.

Remember the grad school classmate I used to complain about? The one who would attack other people in the class and claim specialness left and right?

She wrote like that on every board in every class. At least she claimed she had a head injury, and at one point was about to undergo hand surgery, to account for it.

Mr. Bingley said...

Not to cause any of us undue worry, but "today's students are tomorrow's leaders."