Monday, October 19, 2009

So it was a hoax

It was all a damnable, attention-whoring, let's-get-us-a-reality-show hoax.

I'm pretty furious. I hope that:

a. The parents are made to pay EVERY PENNY (and then some) of what the "rescue" operation cost.

b. No one in that town suffered a REAL emergency during the time of the fake emergency. If someone died or was disabled as a result, I think they have ever right to sue the crazy-balloon-family into the Stone Age.

c. That this signals the beginning of the end of the attention-whoring, "I'm famous for being famous," "Trouble is a form of attention!" mindset that waaaaaay too many of us have. I want people to become well-known because they did something that BENEFITED society. Like the guy who invented polio vaccine. Or someone who developed an afterschool program that kept kids out of trouble. Or someone who saved a bunch of his unit from an attack in Iraq. Or someone who took a risk with their life savings and created good jobs for people. NOT SOME EFFING LUNATICS WITH A MYLAR JIFFY-POP WEATHER BALLOON WHO HAVE TO BE ON THE EFFING TV!

And yeah, yeah, I'm giving the idiots attention by pointing to them as an example of people who should NEVER GET ATTENTION EVER AGAIN! But I'm done now.

Seriously, there are thousands of people out there who work their butts off and never see any benefits and sometimes rarely even a "thanks" for it. They're the ones who deserve attention - the folks in the military. The doctors who work long hours to help people. The caretakers at nursing homes. People who do hard and often dirty jobs because they are jobs that have to be done. And so few people give a crap about it, preferring to think about the doings of some celebutante or some loser who thinks their life was made to go on reality tv.

(Actually, maybe that's the secret: the people who are doing the tough, dangerous, and dirty jobs KNOW they're not losers, so they don't feel the need for attention. They know - I hope they know - that what they're doing is incredibly valuable - and they don't feel the need to seek out recognition because of that, and it's the people who have really never done anything helpful who turn into attention whores. I don't know).


Mr. Bingley said...

These people are just whacked.

If there's anything that should be banned from tv it's reality shows.

punishyourma said...

I'm beginning to think so, too, Mr. Bingley. When the fad started years ago, I didn't like it, but thought 'what the hay. Everyone's got their own form of mindless entertainment.' Now? Not so much. There are too many of these shows on. The premises get lower and raunchier each season. The "stars," who have no discernable smarts or talents, are famous just for having their lives filmed. Enough of this stuff already. It could create a cultural vacuum that we can't recover from.

Mr. Bingley said...

And you get people doing this stupid stuff just so they'll become "stars".