Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I hope he's right...

Health Care Overhaul Plan May Die


I have to admit, this is the number 1 thing scaring me right now. Because I think there's a reasonable chance (though apparently less than there was yesterday) of some putrid combination of Baucus' plan and Reid and Pelosi's "ideas" being shoved down our collective throats (or other bits; I suppose you could call it the Congressional Pap Smear of 2009 if you wanted to be gross).

There's so much that could potentially go wrong: taxing people's insurance (Um, mine is a benefit. I don't pay anything for it actually, so would I have to pay taxes on that $500 or so a month worth of benefits?). Criminalizing people choosing not to buy insurance (I'm sorry, but WTF? If I didn't get insurance through work, I'd certainly buy some form of it privately, but I think people should be allowed to CHOOSE). Not to mention what I fear will be more things like the balls-up we're having around here about BOTH H1N1 and regular flu vaccine: we've been told "unless you are a small child, a health care worker, or a pregnant woman, expect NOT to be able to get the H1N1 vaccine" And even then, those high-risk groups won't see it until November, likely, at this point.

And not to mention idiocies like taxing soda pop, or making fatties like me step on a scale and assessing our taxes based on our weight. (Seriously: if they WANT me to develop an eating disorder that they will have to pay to treat?)

Don't get me wrong: I am completely in favor of having SOMETHING in place to help people who don't get insurance through work and can't afford it. But why screw up things for the 85% or so of us who are happy with the status quo? (And for gosh sakes: do not hoover more money out of my paycheck to cover people who are here illegally.)

So I hope this writer over at Cato is correct. And then maybe cap-and-trade could fall apart next, while we're asking?

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The Fifth String said...

Pap Smear? I was thinking more of a suppository.

"so would I have to pay taxes on that $500 or so a month worth of benefits?"

Yes, that's it exactly. You and me, but not the Prez's supporters in the big labor unions (no, I'm not kidding, that actually was in at least one of the thousands of bills introduced).