Thursday, October 15, 2009

something else I hope is right

I know it's wrong to wish death on someone, even someone you regard as a threat and an enemy. But, they were talking on the radio news this morning about a rumor that the Ayatollah Khameni had died.

I am inclined to doubt its veracity - wouldn't there be mourning going on in Iran, and not business-as-usual? But, apparently, if this Ayatollah were gone, Achmedinejad might be on his way out (or so the analyst that they talked to on the news said).

Again: ohpleaseohpleaseohplease. (And yes, I know: they might wind up with someone even crazier than Achmedinejad. Though maybe only EQUALLY crazy; I'm not sure it's possible to be crazier than him and still function). But then again, as I've said before: from everything I've read, the Iranian people are by and large decent people who do not seem to support the Achmedinejad regime. And I can hope that a weakening in leadership could lead to BETTER leadership. (Even leadership that doesn't want to wipe Israel off the map would be an improvement).

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