Monday, April 05, 2010

Sadly, I can almost see a company deciding something like this is a good idea

(Onion News Network. Talking about how Stouffer's is going to encourage people to "be healthy" by putting tips on suicide-prevention on their dinners-for-one....the corporate assumption being, supposedly, that people eating alone are THAT CLOSE to killing themselves. Heh. This is actually pretty good, considering all the idiotic "enjoy this snack RESPONSIBLY" messages I've seen on things like bags of chocolate squares. Because THAT corporate assumption is that everyone who eats chocolate is an unhealthy pig who can't stop themselves from downing the whole bag.)

Oh, and watch through to the end to see what Kashi company is planning to do. Heh.

Seeing that - it is The Onion, after all - and laughing about it made my head way less spinny than it was after I heard on the news about how the White House Easter Egg Hunt this year is "all about nannying at kids and parents  health" and how they have "sports stations" and crap set up.

My main response: Can we not have ONE THING, ONE DAMN THING that is purely aimed at being enjoyable without having to have some kind of annoying "message"?  Sometimes an Easter egg hunt should just be an Easter egg hunt.

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Cullen said...

The only message on my shotgun (other than the manufaturers name) is "safe" and "fire." :)