Wednesday, January 12, 2011

really down on people right now.

OH so much ugliness. So much hatred in the name of 'stopping hatred.'

I've said before that sometimes I wonder why God doesn't just wipe out all of humanity and, I don't know, start over again with the wallabees or something as the intelligent life on this earth.

I'm going to have to stop reading a bucketload of people I had been reading. Sadly, a couple of them seemed to be coming to the realization that "hey, hating on people whose politics I disagree with and saying terrible things about them is probably as wrong as what I'm saying people on the right are saying about people on the left." But that all changed with the "blood libel" comment.

(I'm too tired to look up the whole "blood libel" incident but if Palin did mis-use it, wow, was that a bad and ill-advised thing to do. And shows why it's important to be sure you're clear on the meaning and history of phrases before using them. And not to give your enemies any more ammunition.)

I'm just really fed up with people right now.

I'm going to go home now and hide in my sewing room for the rest of the day.


Dave E. said...

In modern times I think "blood libel" has been used in enough different contexts that I would say a generic "false accusation of having blood on one's hands" definition is not unreasonable.

There has been a depressingly large amount of ugly commentary out there the last few days, but there have also been good and thoughtful examples. It's never all bad.

Kate P said...

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach wrote a pretty good piece about it in the Wall Street Journal today (Friday) that might interest you, Ricki.