Saturday, July 26, 2008

another one bites the dust apparently a Nevada bank is having to be taken over in order to stay solvent.

You know, I'm glad I do my banking with an institution (my university's credit union) that hasn't offered mortgages for many years; it seems that that's the thing causing these insolvencies. Bad loans of too much money to people who wind up defaulting on them.

Of course, my credit union is also insured by NCUA, and I don't have $100,000 in either of my accounts, so I'm probably safe, but it would still be vexing to find you couldn't get AT your money if you wanted it.

Perhaps it's time to do what I know many people do - find a secret, fairly safe place in my house where I could keep a stash of $5s and $20s against just such an event. (A fake book would probably work pretty well for me; seeing as I have 5000 some other books, a burglar would be unlikely to be able to hit upon the right one. Or to want to spent the time searching.)

(No, I didn't go out. I wound up having to replace the flapper assembly in the toilet - it had been leaking but I had been in denial about it - apparently the rubber just rotted out. So I had to run to the local hardware and get a new one and it was kind of fiddly getting it in. After that, I made a quick mini-pizza out of some pita bread that was in danger of going bad. It's too hot to go out anyway, despite gas having inexplicably - and vexingly, to me, because I just filled the tank two days ago - dropping 15 cents a gallon overnight.)

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