Thursday, July 24, 2008

I take it back

Okay, so the student I talked about before came in to take the exam. He finished before several of the other people, so I caught him at the door.

I explained that I had gotten his voicemail message, but I didn't get it until this morning so I hadn't had a chance to act on it.

(He looked a little abashed when I said "I got your message" so I figured this was going to be easier than I thought).

I reiterated my standards for the paper and I explained the main areas where he lost points and why. He just kind of nodded and mumbled a thank-you for my response and walked out of class.

So I've decided that the voice mail was one of those "sent in the heat of emotion" things that the career counselors tell you never to do.

I'm just relieved that I won't have to deal with a grade-challenge (or at least it seems that I won't); I kind of lack the emotional and intellectual reserves to be up to that at this moment.

And at any rate, I'm leaving town Monday to visit my folks for a few days, and then go on to the usual round of scientific meetings. (I really, really hope it is cooler and less humid where I am going).

So the semester's over. I'll miss my Gen Bio class - they were a lot of fun and were really interested in the subject. They were one of the best classes I've had here. Too bad I can't infect the other students at this school with their kind of enthusiasm and camaraderie.

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