Thursday, July 24, 2008

Something that made me laugh...

So I had to go to the local Walgreen's (we have a Walgreen's now which excites me because it's one of those "familiar"'s a common chain up where I used to live but isn't that common down here, and so walking into one is like going "home" a little tiny bit).

I was wandering the aisles trying to remember if there was any sort of drugstore-ish thing I needed but had forgot to put on my list.

I went down one aisle - the one where they had socks and stuff.

And then I saw it.

"Bag 'O' Panties."

I kid you not. That is the name of the product. "Bag 'O' Panties" - it was three or four pairs of women's undergarments, rolled up, and, as you would guess, sealed in one of those clear bags so it could be hung from a peg.

Now, granted...the undergarments I buy could be described as a "Bag 'O' Panties" (because yes, I am cheap, yes, I like plain white cotton, and yes, the way my social life goes I'm the only one who ever sees 'em). But I've never seen it stated quite so baldly before.

"Bag 'O' Panties."

Almost sounds like a prize on a game show, doesn't it.

"And our runners up will be going home with the lovely Bag 'O' Panties consolation prize!"

(I also have to add - I'm one of those women who kind of hates the word "panties." It sounds so giggly five-year-old - it's like one of the early forbidden words, it's like the playground gateway drug to hardcore cursing. Pannnnnnttttttiiiiies!

I usually call it "underwear" or sometimes "unmentionables" if I'm being whimsically Victorian. But I don't like the word "panties" and I wish there were another one that worked well.)


Kate P said...

Sounds like the punchline to a bad Irish joke.

Ken S, Fifth String on the Banjo of Life said...

How about "undies"?