Friday, July 11, 2008

something I love

...about teaching.

I have this guy in my non-majors class. He is funny and good-natured and interested and all that. But dude is the quintessential "not good at tests." I'm serious on this - a lot of times someone who claims not to be good at tests is either dumb as a box of rocks, or is someone who would rather party than study.

But this student - you can ask him the stuff and he can TELL you it...but he kind of clutches on exams. He hadn't broken a 70% yet this summer but I know he was trying. Every exam I give and grade, I'm pulling for him. I really wanted to see him break that 70%.

Well, this week, he did. Made an 82% on the exam. I know he's going to be happy and that makes me happy. He may even do the "who's the man?" question, and I will grin and shake my head and say, "[Student], you're the man!"

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