Wednesday, August 20, 2008

long days

My aunt's funeral is this morning at 11. (I found that out last night, so even if I had been able to manage to go, I probably wouldn't have been able to - getting to the town where she lived is kind of a travel nightmare. I'd probably have had to fly into Milwaukee and then either take a bus or rent a car and drive the remaining 5 or so hours. And I'm not even sure there are direct flights to Milwaukee from the nearest airport (which is not at all close to where I am) or if I'd wind up being routed through Tucson or some damn thing.)

This week has felt loooooooooong. And it's only Wednesday. Early on Wednesday. I'm sure that part of it is all the underlayment of bad crap I've dealt with this summer coming to a head. But part of it is that I've been "on call" to do some computer-related stuff for one of the classes I teach. Monday I was on campus for very nearly 13 hours. (That's ON CAMPUS. That does not count the fact that I was up two and a half hours before I even got to campus and that I did an hour's workout in that time). Yesterday I was on campus for 10 hours, but had been planning on coming back when the person with data showed in the evening. (Fortunately, she called to let us know she couldn't be there because there was a glitch in the data she was preparing).

I kind of hate the long packed days because they do screw with my sleep at night. I have weird dreams. (I won't subject you to them unless people specifically ask). It's like my brain is frantically trying to process and file or dump everything I've experienced during the day, so weird little things crop up again. (Like the gastric brooding frog, which I saw a picture of in passing in a magazine).

I slept a lot better on break when there were fewer things competing for real estate in my brain.

I don't know that there's any solution to that. Maybe I need to take up yoga again to see if that has any mind-clearing benefits. Or maybe I need to sit in a dark room and do nothing when I come home from work. Argh.

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