Friday, August 15, 2008


It's meeting-time here, meaning that you get to hear the admini-speak of all the new administrators. It seems to me that admini-speak has two functions:

1. Obscure the "bad stuff" by cloaking it in mush-mouth words so people are either lulled into complacency or have zoned out by the time you get to the bit about their being no pay raises or that there is no budget for repairing equipment that breaks.

2. Take up the maximum amount of people's time by using eight words to do the job of one.

Oh, and I'm not entirely sure (because I tend to zone out when "verbed nouns" get used heavily) but I THINK one of the speeches used the word "actioning." Ugh.

Also, they're instituting a new "wellness initiative" here which makes me twitch a wee bit because all so often these are strictly tied to BMI and seem to have the goal of bullying people with bigger BMIs into diet plans or some kind of sanctioned exercise I do exercise, but it's on my own time first thing in the morning and I'll be damned if I'm going to change the exercise schedule I've had since 19-freaking-94 just so I can "walk on a track" under the supervision of some health-nanny. I just hope they don't jack up my health insurance premium because I'm fat - they just have to look at the fact that it takes me until AUGUST of each year to use up my deductible (and only then because I get immunotherapy for allergies) to realize I'm not a drain on their system.

And I'll be got-darned if I'll go on a diet. I know what food is healthy. I eat my vegetables. But I'm not going to count damn points or eat some prepackaged crap from Jenny Craig or cut out carbohydrates or some stupid thing. Been there, done that, I'm too old for it and life is too short.

Ironic, considering the news out this week that it's apparently sedentariness, more than body size, that leads to "poor metabolic health." Of course it will take 15 years for that realization to trickle down to the people who like to bully those with larger than a 28" waist....

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Dave E. said...

Ahhh, the dreaded "wellness" program. About ten years ago I worked at a company that instituted one and they had people put down three kinds of exercise they did each week. I put down walking, pounding nails, and 12-ounce curls. Nobody said anything and I forgot about it until some clueless person in HR decided to include it among others in the company newpaper. Good thing I was the print buyer and caught it before it was printed. That earned me a "So you think you're funny, huh?" from the HR Director.