Friday, August 22, 2008

The Self-Absorbed Celebrity Song!

Ken started it.

Oddly enough, I didn't need to make too many changes. Spooky.

And no, I'm not really targeting any one person, whether they are a true celebrity or someone who thinks they are such. It's just hard to get things to scan sometimes. What is it they say? "Any resemblance to celebrities living or dead is purely a coincidence"?

Every crap I take
Every law I break
Every tear I fake
Every risk I take
You'll be watching me.

Every single day
Every word I say
Every yes, every nay,
At home you'll stay
You'll be watching me

Oh, can't you see
You belong to me
How my ego grows
With every ET! show....

Every phrase I state
All I do is great!
Every time I date
All my baby's traits
You'll be watching me

I really should run a political race
I have lots of thoughts to spiff up this place
Lots of laws I think I could replace
Lots of changes, hope, and grace
People would love me, love me, yeah....

Oh, can't you see
You belong to me
Your boring life to escape
You watch me on TV....


Ken S, Fifth String on the Banjo of Life said...

HAHA! Excellent!

I was going to try to do this at lunch. Spooky!

Cullen said...

Very good, Ricki.

nightfly said...

Sweet! You are full of win.

Dave E. said...

Yep, very good.

Kate P said...

That was funny. I also loved Opus the Penguin's "Every Leaf You Rake" line. :)