Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ants part II

I still have ants and it still sucks. I really do not want to break down and hire an exterminator, because that would probably necessitate (a) hauling stuff out of closets and (b) my evacuating the house until the fumes were gone (I am very sensitive to that sort of thing).

But I am so ready to be done with these damn ants.

It drives me up the wall that they are here, but are apparently not seeking food - they are just wandering aimlessly about (in my living room, too, now). I hope we get the gullywasher storms they are predicting, maybe the ants will stay out once they have a water source.

I am really sick of having to scrub my tub every time I want a shower because of the dead ants in it. They go in there, seeking water I think, and then they can't get out and they die. And it's gross and horrible.

There are two things I hate about living in the South: Hot summers and insects. Insects everywhere. I got ants once when I lived in Ann Arbor and I almost melted turned out one of my neighbors in the apartment next door was a slob and caused the ants to come (on the sixth floor of a concrete apartment block!). But we managed to get rid of them without calling in an exterminator, but I was really freaked out and sad for a few days.

Now, I guess I tolerate them more, even though they tick me off...especially when I find them walking across my foot or something. I don't freak out like I did years ago but I am really ready to be done with them.


The Fifth String said...

I'm still amused by a commercial I saw on TV while on a business trip in the south some years ago (can't remember if it was Texas or Georgia or other). The commercial was about fire ants, and was along the lines of Patton's speech in 1944 ("We're gonna kill those lousy fire ant bastards by the bushel! We're gonna rip their guts out and use them to grease out tank treads!")

Exterminator commercials are way tamer in CA. Probably because most CA people are frickin' sissies about killing even insects.

Sad, really.

Dave E. said...

One of my earliest memories is from my family's years in Tulsa, when we came home from some short trip and found the ceiling crawling with all sorts of bugs. One of us kids had left a window open I think. We stayed at the neighbors that night. Of all the places that I have lived, none can match Oklahoma for the volume and variety of insect pests.

wv: comon. No really, I'm serious.