Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Green Week"

Okay, NBC.

If you REALLY want to "go green" this week, here's a suggestion: shut down your transmitters. Stop burning the energy they doubtless burn. Tell all your celebs that instead of jetting off to where ever they go, they have the choice of walking, taking the Amtrak, or riding a horse.

Because I'm sorry: I do not appreciate being nannied at. Especially not when I was turning off lights and conserving energy during the "first" energy crisis, back in the 1970s. So, either put your money where your mouth is or shut the heck up and just let me enjoy some sweet, sweet escapism courtesy of the tube.

(I don't watch NBC, but apparently they also own or are affiliated with the Discovery networks and maybe USA. So two of the channels I DO watch are doing this "green week" stuff)

(And what is it with "everything old is new again" of the 1970s - we now have a hostage in Iran, people are talking about inflation, the Mariel boatlift was being discussed the other day, George Will talking about the darned hippies and their blue jeans. Look. I lived through the 70s. Granted, I was a kid, but I was there. (And perhaps more clear-headed than some who were teenagers/early 20s back then). I really don't want to live through the 1970s again. Because the 1970s pretty much sucked in a lot of ways. And not just because I got teased at school every day and my mom bought red and blue plaid slacks for me to wear.)


The Fifth String said...

my mom bought red and blue plaid slacks for me to wearOh man. My aunt bought those for me. I never wore them, even as a 13-or-so-year-old. I called them my pimp pants.

I do not appreciate being nannied at You used a different construction of the same idea a while back (and I can't find it right off) but yeah. That's just about perfect. I don't like being "nannied-at" either.

The Fifth String said...

Well doggone it, I should have looked a bit further. But I'm old and senile and an imbecile, I guess.

The particular expression I was looking for was:

I get really tired of being "shoulded" atTotally unrelated aside: Drat the ban on blockquotes in comments!

That is so good.