Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ar ar ar ar ar ar

You know, I always thought those commercials where they asked "Is your ARM about to adjust" sounded funny.

Now I know why. To me, it sounds like something Popeye might say:

"Me arm is gonna adjust until me fisk bashkes yer nose! Ar ar ar ar ar ar ar ar!"

I love Popeye. I wish I could still find the cartoons on some cable channel I got. (Boomerang may run them but I don't get that one.)


Dave said...

But why did Popeye and Bluto consider Olyve worth fighting over?

(This question brought to you by the Spinach Association of America.)

Kate P said...

Yes, those commercials do sound weird! I keep thinking about chiropractics when I hear about ARMs adjusting.