Friday, April 24, 2009

good news, bad news

First, the good news:

I know what my FFOT contribution is going to be this week*

Then, the bad news:

my house has been entirely overtaken by ants. I think they are seeking water as it has been very dry here and they tend to mostly be in the bathroom - especially the sink and tub- and are avoiding the "usual culprits" like the kitchen trash can and even the not-quite-sealed-up box of cereal I had sitting on the counter.

I have about $20 worth of ant baits sitting out; I hope they start to thin the population soon (they are a borax-based bait - the ant sucks up the sweet fluid, eventually dies from the borax. Though one would hope not before returning to deliver a fatal meal to the queen)

(*hey, you take what good you can find in life)

1 comment:

Kate P said...

Heh, I love that you called that "good news." Ants are no fun at all. I hope they eat up the borax with a spoon!