Tuesday, April 07, 2009

fans of House: huge spoiler awaits thee....







this if

you didn't see

the April 6 episode.



Kutner killed himself? Crap, he was the only one of the new doctors I actually LIKED. I suppose it had to happen - to give House something 'without meaning' to obsess over.

My first thought was "Damn, I wonder if this is because they're making another Harold and Kumar Wankfest movie. If he shows up in some stupid movie and that's why they killed off Kutner, I'll be pissed."

But it's not that: apparently he's working for Obama. WTF?

Some of you may know more about the actor than I do - does he really have qualifications to do this? (Has he not been paying taxes? I joked over spring break that I HAD to get my taxes finished because I didn't want the White House calling me up offering me a position).

But I'm not sure I like the turn the show has taken this season - it seems a lot more dark, a lot more melodramatic. There seems to be more "soap opera" and less "medical mystery," and the medical mysteries are why I started watching it.

Oh, and an online memorial to a dead character - tacky? I think so. (And all of the wankers who keep changing Wikipedia to claim that the actor, not the character, is dead - you are wankers.)

So I don't know. There may be one less television show I watch very soon. That will take it down to what, three? (If you count Mythbusters, which seems to be on permanent hiatus)

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Cullen said...

I think Mythbusters is coming back with new eps either this week or next week. Lemme see ... uh-yep, new episode tomorrow night. Two-hour special too.