Saturday, April 11, 2009

Something for Easter

One of my favorite books by Madeleine L'Engle is "The Rock that is Higher." I've found a great deal to comfort me when afflicted (and also, at times, to afflict me a bit when comfortable). It's complex and challenging and has a lot to say to modern Christians.

(One of the particular points she makes again and again that people need to cease trying to place themselves at the center of the universe - to stop seeing the little junk that happens in daily life as something specifically orchestrated by the universe to thwart your happiness).

Anyway, it's a book I turn to again and again. It also has lots of wonderful anecdotes, things that cheer and comfort and challenge in a few pages.

One of my favorites is an account of something that happened in Soviet Russia.

"I remember a story about an event in Red Square in Moscow that took place not long after the terrible days of the Russian Revolution and the establishment of the atheist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The people of Moscow were called to a gathering in Red Square. There they were addressed by one of the new leaders, who spent well over a half an hour proving to the populace that there is no God. His factual arguments about the nonexistence of God were incontrovertible, and the mob of people standing in Red Square was silent and subdued.

Then a priest who was standing with the people asked permission to say three words. Permission was granted, and he stood in front of the packed square, raised his arms, and cried out:


And the entire mob responded joyfully, "He is risen indeed!"

To all who celebrate: have a blessed Easter.


The Fifth String said...

You know that I am not a believer, but that's a beautiful story, Ricki.

Kate P said...

Happy Easter, Ricki!

Sheila O'Malley said...

I absolutely love that book, too, ricki - it is one I go back to again and again.

Happy Easter!