Friday, November 13, 2009

And sadly...

My head may explode anyway even if I learn to tolerate childishness from 20 year olds (and nearly 50 year olds):

Pfizer, winner in the Kelo "eminent domain" case, pulls out, leaving empty fields.

Stupidest Supreme Court decision I can remember. Pfizer should be made to give all the people they eminent-domained back their lots, PLUS rebuild their houses as close to what they were (or better) if possible.

If that happened to me? I'd probably make a big sign saying, "[Company that got eminent domain] STOLE my property and the government helped them" and go and sit with it outside the place where my house used to stand for as much time every day as I possibly could. I think it's unconscionable how eminent domain has been allowed to expand.

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