Sunday, November 22, 2009

Debate topic:

"Is 'Bridezillas' the stupidest thing ever to have been on television?"

Go. (In the comments).

(I saw part of an episode today. Couldn't look away for about 10 minutes. Wanted to smack every person involved. And then wanted to take them and drop them in a middle of a starving village in Africa or some-damn-where in the hopes they'd develop a wee bit of perspective.)


Cullen said...


The show where the 16-year-old girls get the super-huge birthday parties ... they're the worst.

punishyourma said...

What about that time Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone's vault on live TV and found nothing? That was pretty bad...

ricki said...

Yeah, Em, but that was so epically bad that it almost tips over into being OK.

I remember watching that with a morbid fascination (I was, like, 12.) I was actually kind of hoping there was going to be a skeleton in there.

nightfly said...

Ah... "My Super-Sweet 16." That show is pretty awful.

For my money, there's "Real Chance for Love," featuring wannabe C-list gangsta rapper brothers Real and Chance. (Yeah.) Sort of a Bachelor rip-off, only with way more urban skankism, and two bachelors, one of whom is almost certainly gay.

Wife and I saw only the one episode - the borthers staged a painfully-obviously-staged bar fight, got faux-arrested, and the challenge for the girls was to be the most convincing while lying to the cops about what happened. I wish I was kidding.