Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A moratorium on "I'm dieting and I LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT and I'm going to make my family eat raw vegetables and plain turkey breast for Thanksgiving because I don't want to sabotage my diet" stories. And "I find turkey boring, therefore I decree NO ONE IN AMERICA SHOULD FIX TURKEY THIS THANKSGIVING" stories. And "When did Thanksgiving become an excuse for gluttony" stories (Um, the original Thanksgiving? The colonists had been starving? So to have enough food for once was a joy?) And all the other freaking KILLJOY stories surrounding this, my favorite non-explicitly-Christian holiday.

Grr. I am SO EFFING SICK of the health nannies. Just let me enjoy my damn turkey and sweet potatoes and dressing AND PUMPKIN PIE. For ONE day. Just STHU.


Dave E. said...

Put me firmly in the eat your turkey, potatoes, and stuffing without guilt category. And gravy. Don't forget the gravy.

Kate P said...

"Killjoy" is the perfect word for it. There has got to be something wrong with people like that.

My mom makes these breadsticks called "Butter Dips" that I am sure would cause the food killjoys to tear their hair out.

Mr. Bingley said...

And wine.

Don't forget to have lots of tasty wine!