Friday, November 13, 2009

ricki's newest rule

A long time ago, I posted a list of rules, including several for students.

I have a new one:

If you miss class on a day when I explain a BIG IMPORTANT TOPIC and work an example of it, you are not allowed to come bitching to me that you don't know it because you missed class. What's more, you're not allowed to expect me to re-teach an entire 50 minute class for you and you alone. You are not allowed to get mad because I say, "I know Cubert* in the front row takes good notes, see if he will give you a copy."

(*I have decided to anonymize names with the most ridiculous names I can come up with.)

1 comment:

Kate P said...

What? The fact that you would even make the suggestion to borrow someone's notes is far more generous than I would've been. Jeez.

WV: "unwiti"--if that's not a commentary on the topic, I don't know what is.