Monday, November 30, 2009

not bells

Listening to Christmas music while grading, I realize that Carol of the Bells has pretty much been ruined for me.

Most recently, by Wal-mart, and their inane "flip the lights on the checkout stands" ad (Yeah, like the wal-mart near me EVER has enough checkers. Though I could see them playing with their lights rather than checking people out)

Then, previously (and still, I see they have a new semi-surreal ad) by Garmin, the GPS makers.

But, first off, it was ruined for me - at least, as any kind of semi-reverent observance - by "Ding, Fries are Done."

And I admit it. Ding, Fries are Done is one of those things that I laughed at, even if at the same time I said to myself, "I'm gonna have to answer to the Big Guy some day for finding this funny." (I don't think I'd quite be sent to Hell for laughing at it, but I can imagine God looking very sternly at me and shaking His head a little bit)

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Kate P said...

Heh. I think God totally has a sense of humor, especially about those things.

And, uh, if not, then my whole family is in trouble for a "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" parody about how "Murphy's Pills Are the Real Thing" that goes back a few generations to my vaudevillian great-great-uncles.