Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've occasionally watched episodes of "Community," a sitcom set at a community college.

I'm not sure how I feel about it - some of the humor borders on mean-spiritedness (like the other NBC comedies on Thursday night) and I'm not really one for that type of humor. But usually the episodes have at least one thing that makes me laugh out loud.

Tonight, it was this: Senor Chang, the dispirited Spanish teacher (yes, he is of Chinese heritage) has a student talk back to him in class. So he starts by assigning a one-page essay, en Espagnol, on a topic. And then someone asks a question. So he increases the length and makes the topic more complex and related to the person or what they just asked about. Finally, one of the students tries to placate him, in the hopes of making him stop being crazy.

And he looks at her, and says, "TWENTY PAGES! On ASS-KISSING!"

I've been there. Not done that, but certainly been there.

(He does wind up rescinding the essay, because the smarmy-guy lead character gets him back together with his wife. At a Greene Daye concert. (Yeah, they had the obligatory annoying "Green Week" environmental-theme tie-in. I almost didn't watch when I realized that).


The Fifth String said...

"Senor Chang, the dispirited Spanish teacher (yes, he is of Chinese heritage)"

Nothing strange about that. The two Spanish teachers I had in Jr. High and HS were named Daenicheva and Murphy.

Joel said...

My oldest son has Asperger's (and is a community college student), and I can tell you that the character Abed is not exaggerated. If anything, he's underplayed. I'd watch the show for him alone. (And Chevy Chase, who reminds me of a nicer version of my father-in-law.)