Sunday, March 08, 2009


A couple days ago, I was talking about the ABC Weekend Specials, and I mentioned another show (one that was on PBS) where a narrator talked about a story and there were chalk or charcoal drawings to bring it to life?

I remembered the name! It was "Teletales" (there was an earlier incarnation that I also remember, called "Gather 'Round").

I remember many times as a kid, home sick from school, either lying on the sofa (ro if I was sicker, lying in bed and watching the tiny portable black and white TV my mom would bring up to my room) and watching all of the educational programming the PBS stations used to run (KET - Kentucky Educational TV - was apparently a big producer of these). These were the funny, quirky, low-tech 1970s and early 80s sort of programs - not the slick network-wide stuff you see today. I loved them and I kind of miss them - Teletales, and "Dragons, Wagons, and Wax" (a science show), and Readit....and all those things.

(There's a website devoted to these programs here. Wow, so many memories!

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