Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's back

My home computer! I'm about $80 poorer (it took the guys a while to find the rogue file and get rid of it), but it's home.

I asked the guy behind the desk - I go to church with him - what I could do, other than keep my spyware/virus software updated and run scans regularly.

"Go to sites you trust" he said. Well, now, how am I supposed to know that for sure? I mean, I don't go to pr0n0 sites or gambling sites or some of those places. But are some of the little online storefronts - the used book places, the places that sell hand dyed yarn - are they safe? What about people's blogs? What about any site (like Weather Channel, even) that wants to trigger popup windows? What about some of the religion sites? Are they all safe - because they mention God? Or did someone install something without knowing what it was and have it turn out to be a trojan?

"So other than that, I suppose there's nothing...other than not going on the internet?" I asked.

"No, not really" he said, kind of laughing.

So now I'm a little scared to browse, other than the five or six sites I regularly visit and had no trouble with.

I wish the hackers were all sent to deserted islands where they had no internet access. And where they had only coconuts and dried fish to eat.


Alli said...

If you use firefox theres an extension called "Web of Trust" that'll warn you if you're going to site that are sketchy, and if you have it set up a certain way it won't even load sites that are red.

I love it. Its really simple.

The Fifth String said...

Glad it's back, doll.

Maybe I'm a bad person but I wish far mor violent retribution on these cretins.