Tuesday, March 24, 2009

oh no he di'int!

Scanning a news site today, I saw mention of a "prime time presidential conference" where Obama is going to (try) to dig himself verbally out of the mess he's in.

And then I thought: wait, one of the two network shows I still watch is on tonight in prime time.

Oh no don't TELL me I'm going to see Obama when I try to tune in NCIS tonight. No no no no. They were even promising a new one!

I checked the tv listings - apparently they're going to show it, but an hour later, whew.

And I know, I know - it's maybe irresponsible of me to prefer to watch an unrealistic crime drama than to watch the Prez, but if I'm going to be partaking of bread and circuses, I prefer the kind with David McCallum, thank you very much.


nightfly said...

Pfft, NCIS is more realistic than anything Obama says. And, it has Pauley Perrette and Cote de Pablo.

(w/v - "ennif" - ennif already with the pressers, Mr. President.)

ricki said...

NF, I am about as straight as straight women come, and I'd actually consider "switching teams" for Cote de Pablo.

Or, on a less icky note: I really really really wish I looked like her.