Monday, March 02, 2009


I called the 'good' computer techs (I've used them before) and described the problem. Before I had finished, the guy was like, "Yeah, it's something that installs itself as a fake registry file. We've seen a lot of this. If you bring it in we can clean off whatever it is."

So rather than wrestle with HiJack This any more, and maybe delete a file I shouldn't, I'm going to pay someone who actually knows what he's doing.

But gah. I really would like to kick whoever wrote this program in the nuts.

At least I didn't have plans for "Marine One" on my computer. (and, closer to home - I haven't used my credit card to order anything since before the infection occurred, so on the offchance the thing's a keystroke logger, all it would see is me writing on the blogs - and there's no sign of those being taken over - and me searching on books of the Bible for Sunday school. Luckily I lead a rather dull life. As one of my friends said, "At least you aren't having to deal with random pr0n popups." Apparently her son went somewhere he wasn't supposed to on the internet...)


Kate P said...

You sound as if you're in good hands. But man, what a hassle!

Sheila O'Malley said...

So annoying!!! I had something similar happen to me when I had a Dell laptop and it was - the problem took over my life for like a week - I thought it would never end!! Hang in there!