Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The most recent XKCD....

Oh, you KNOW you've wanted to do this some time.

Especially to the Special Snowflake with the shiny new pickup who parks across parts of THREE separate spaces, just to avoid his truck getting dinged.

(N.B.: I don't have a problem with people doing that IF they are parking in the outer, BFE end of the parking lot where there are few other cars. But it makes me burn with hate when someone is doing it within reasonable walking distance of the store and when there are NO OTHER near spots)

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Kate P said...

Heh. One time I walked by a car taking up two spaces in the mall's parking garage and thought, "Jerk!". . . when I walked past it again on the way back to my car, I saw someone had taken lipstick and written, "You suck" on the driver's side window. Works for me!