Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Or perhaps not.

Here's a rough breakdown of exam grades, related to student behavior in the class:

Present every day, sits in front 2 rows, takes notes, asks questions: 88-97
Present every day, sits in the back, seems to daydream part of the time: 70-75
Present most days but sits in the back and I've had to speak to them for carrying on side conversations: 65-70
Skips a lot: 60-69
Only shows up on test days, apparently reads textbook though: 48-55

Of course, the thing is, the people in the last three groups generally don't imagine that correlation exists. They are more prone to blame me for being "boring" or "not teaching well."


Kate P said...

That's a huge dropoff after the first two rows--makes you wonder if they need their eyesight and hearing checked or something. People always picked on me for sitting towards the front, but I'm short and I don't have super eyesight--and I do believe that showing up to class is at least half your grade. Or at least was, back when I went.

nightfly said...

It's NEVER my own fault!

Seriously, it's such a terrible attitude. And now (begging your pardon for the sweeping generalization) we have a country run by such precious little china dolls, who have made their whole living and their whole being on the rotten foundation of never holding themselves to account for anything. If nothing else it teaches one to be careful when account for everyone else's stuff.

Nope. Selfish, egotistical, narcissistic, absorbed - and blaming everything and everyone but themselves, and punishing them for it.

Sorry, I woke up in the Angry Dome today. And I'm sick. And I'm probably lazy and grouchy too, which are my fault, and here I am spewing.