Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Something happier

Yeah, my computer's in the shop. Hopefully they can get it cleared up. (The guy I delivered it to was not quite as chipper as the guy I talked to on the phone.)

But at least I can still compute from work. (They so-far haven't issued Internet restrictions beyond the obvious of not gambling or looking at nudie pictures, which I wouldn't do anyway). And one of the LOLcats today made me laugh:

And from Epic Win:

ABC Weekend Special. I remember those! They usually came on at the very tail end of the Saturday cartoons. They featured a book or short story - sometimes they were live-action, sometimes animated. Some weeks it was all in one episode, other weeks, you had to be sure to catch the continuation (and oh, how my brother and I complained if we had to do something that next week and were going to miss the continuation - this being in the days before VCRs were common, and before DVR was even a glimmer in a techie's eye).

They were great fun. And often made you want to read the book the special was based on.

PBS had some similar series - I remember one where the narrator would do charcoal drawings as he talked about the book. (I don't know if that was national PBS or local to the Cleveland-area station we got).

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Sheila O'Malley said...

I remember ABC Weekend Specials, too!!

Okay, so this is off-topic, ricki - but I wrote a post today called "saying yes" about my writing and etc., and it reminded me of that challenge I put out on my blog once about having to put a series of words into a short story. I tracked down the post (I put a link to it in the post today) - and I was CRYING with laughter reading your entry. Ricki, it's HILARIOUS and so so clever. "She just wants to play mahjong." "Who does he think he is - the James Joyce of Turkmenistan?"

Oh man, I was just HOWLING this morning in my apartment reading through it!