Saturday, February 28, 2009


People who write spyware/malware/trojans/hijack programs need to be kicked hard in the harbles/yarbles/nuts/stones/balls/cojones/onions/family jewels.

I've run all my anti-spyware programs and am progressively removing "registry items" using something called HiJack This, but I still can't get rid of the damn program that's hijacking every Google search I try.

I'm considering taking the computer BACK to the computer guys, and paying them another $80 or whatever to see if THEY can get the thing off. I really don't want to "sterilize" the computer and reinstall all my programs; I'm not even sure where the disks for some of them are these days.

But, gaaaaah. If these script-kiddies used their time on something non-malicious, I bet they could make a lot of money at it. Why do people spend their precious time doing something that causes agony? I do not understand many of my fellow humans.

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