Tuesday, February 10, 2009

you do what you can

Gah. So much bad news out there. SO much.

I remind myself that a person does what they can in this world. the COTS has a link up there so that people can send donations to help those made homeless by the Australian wildfires. I suspect people around the world are sending money to help those folks out, just after having seen the horrible news photos.

My friend from church - the one I wrote about sleep-praying for - is out of the hospital and doing better.

I remember back shortly after 9/11, when people were discussing and arguing over the events, and someone said (to those of us who believed), "Where was God when the towers came down? Why did God allow that to happen?" And I have to admit, I have no good answer for that. But another friend spoke up, and sort of quietly said, "I don't like to think of God in the towers falling; I prefer to think of God acting through the people who tried to save people, who gave blood, who gave money, who prayed."

It seems that there's so much of "the worst" out there right now; you have to kind of actively search to find "the best." But even though it may not get the press "the worst" does (and that's unfortunate), it IS there.


Mr. Bingley said...

There is so much bad "out there" because there is so much inside of us. When we listen for him inside of us and start to follow his road for us then he appears through us to others around us...exactly as your friend saw in the firefighters, etc.

Kate P said...

Glad to hear your friend is doing better.